December 21, 2016


The competition is organized each year by The World Economic Forum and The Forum of Young Global Leaders forum, in order to promote the best companies and implemented projects in the field of circular economy. The solemn ceremony where the winner will be announced will be held on 19. January 2017, at the World Economic Summit, in Davos.

Slovenian company VALTEX has decided to collaborate in the competition on the initiative of the platform Circular Change, where it presented the project or business model in the field of circular economy: »Material flow cycle of BC – Novo mesto”. Implemented project is the result of cooperation of partners VALTEX & Co. , Slovenija, DINOS/UNIREC, Slovenija, LUCART, Italy and KOMUNALA NOVO MESTO, Slovenija. Partners have performed the project as members of EKO INICIATIVA – community of businesses and institutions that practice sustainable professional facility hygiene.

The material flow cycle, which has been established in Novo mesto and eight surrounding municipalities in 2015/2016, is the first such example of circular practice in the world. Citizens through consistent and intentional separation of the packaging in the yellow containers, actively provide raw material - milk and juice cartons, (BC’s – beverage cartons or composite carton packaging of drinks), from which the toilet paper and paper hand towels are then produced in regular industrial process; towels and toilet paper are then returned and consumed in municipal infrastructure of Novo mesto, Republika Slovenija. Citizens, in this way participate, actively in the circular economy of Novo mesto and surrounding municipalities. The project has been given popular name “KEMSO – Dosledno za naš higienski papir”  or “BC - Consistent separation for our toilet paper!”.

In the global competition for the prize have, so far, participated more than 36 countries. The expert committee, composed of 27 international experts, among them, there is also, in 2015, awarded international expert for circular economy, and former EU environmental commissioner Dr. Janez Potočnik, has recognized the potential of the project executed by Association of partners EKO INCIATIVA, so the project »Material flow cycle of BC – Novo mesto« was given in the category »Government, Cities & Regions« a special public recognition, as a good example to practices of circular economy - not only in Slovenia, but also abroad.

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